P005 → colorado in convulsion

June 2023

The colorado in convulsion installation uses a collection of my own stories, of my own videos, and the presence of multispecies close friends of mine. We are the ‘debris’ left behind in a place of ruin - the explorers, the documenters, the investigators, the story-tellers. Anna Tsing, in her work The Mushroom at the End of the World, asks: “what manages to live in the ruins we have made?” What then, is living in the ruins of this place I speak of? Of the many of us who have lived and continue to live - disjointed, isolated, injured, convulsing - in these ruins, we have been engaging in centuries of multispecies historical documentation. We tell stories of how it happened where some of us may have forgotten. Or, maybe.. we just need to take a closer look.

  • Objects present: 
    • 6 grown/live hemp plant clones (local)
    • dried sagebrush (harvested in Colorado) branches
    • The Crown of Artemis. (2023. Barbed wire, dried Big Sagebrush (artemisia tridentata) clipping, attached with copper wire.)
  • Three films on CRT TVs (4:3):
    • Regarding the archive of home. (2023. Short film. English. 17:29 (looped).) Vimeo.
    • Subtle ethnographies. (2023. Short film. Closed captioning. English. 12:25 (looped).) Vimeo.
    • A search for. (2023. Short film. English. 6:58 (looped).) Vimeo.
  • Audio piece: digestion. (Written by Lucie Fernandez and Delcia Orona)
    • An exploration of digesting documentation, or metabolizing archive. Broken into four segments playing simultaneously through 4 different speakers, each of which correlates to one of the films.

a search for.
memory, nostalgia, and storytelling of a distant place. Specifically, a place of ruination - due to out-of-sight ‘slow violence’ of settler colonialism and landscape privatization for petrochemical infrastructure.

2023. Short film. English. 6:55

subtle ethnographies.
2023. Short film. Closed captioning. English. 12:27

regarding the archive of home.
2023. Short film. English. 19:35