a perspective of my working mother: an ethnography of sorts 

Exposition Just in time, une proposition du Master CCC Critical Curatorial Cybermedia
Live in Your Head, Campus HEAD, Bât. D, Bd James-Fazy 15, 1205 Genève
16.11.23 - 16.12.23

Avec/With Mina Achermann, Emma Berger-Pierre, Sama El Roumi Baradei, Basile Collet, Salomé Djeranian, Elia Fidanza; Charlotte Friedi, Alex Gence, Melissa Ghazale, Garance Grand-Leger, Aastha Gupta, Sawsane Hema, Amina Jendly, Jocelyn Kagina, Jennate Laamyem, Erell Le Pape, Stella Liantonio, Orfeo Aurora Lili; Basim Magdy, Federica Martini, Assadour Matthey, Paul Mégroz, Lucy Morvan, Loréleï Nele, Louane Nyga, Geneva Oke, Delcia Orona, Lora Perdichizzi, Anne-Julie Raccoursier, Loreleï Regamey, Morgane Roduit, Jazil Santschi, Danniel Tostes, Anna Tretyakova, Elisa Wyss

in convulsion
tracing collective memory via archives, material witnesses and stories from the body: an auto-ethnography

Thesis publication, Master CCC Critical Curatorial Cybermedia
Submission 07.04.24
Thesis live peer review 22.04.24

“What can contemporary art (and research) do in the time of planetary crisis?”

A visual and textual public record of reflections, concerns, and practices currently traversing the Master CCC - Critical Curatorial Cybermedia and its community.