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A collection of past research projects and written works.

Reimagined . Spirituality and alternative diplomacy in Geneva, Switzerland.
Thesis publication as part of the Master ANSO Anthropology & Sociology program at the Geneva Graduate Institute (IHEID)
June 2022

Urban Visualities. Excerpts from the work Visualities and Mediations of Precarity: Queues in Geneva, Switzerland during the COVID-19 Pandemic. From the course Urban Visualities supervised by professor Dr. Patricia Spyer.
June 2021

isla vista traces
Cultural byproducts and imagining in human-environment interactions
June 2020

Food politics and ethnography: oral histories and ‘story-telling’ in building a picture of local food networks in rural Colorado communities
June 2020

January 2020

Other written works (PDF available upon request)

Carvalho, Beatriz, Paola Granados, Coralía Sáenz Tinoco, Delcia Orona. Gender, Sexuality, and the Carceral (Life Behind Bars: Comparative Perspectives on Carcerality, January 2022)

How can we achieve global food security? The case of agricultural colonization in Palestine (Global Food Systems from a Legal Perspective, December 2021)

“Humanitarian of the Year”: Thomson Safaris in Tanzania (Humanitarian Adventures, December 2021)

Activism at the Institute: A Reflexive Ethnography of Engaged Anthropology, Social Activism, and Negotiating Position in the Field (Ethnographic Fieldwork, June 2021)

Literature review: materiality in post-2015 environmental anthropology (Social Theory II: Critical Epistemologies, June 2021)

Mediating boundaries: human-environment interactions within urban city parks (Environment and Society, June 2021)

The art of noticing houseplants and onions (Environment and Society, May 2021)

Reckonings and revisions: reflections of the visual (Urban Visualities, April 2021)

Karippal, Anu, Cihangir Can, Delcia Orona, Olivia Yanchik. Representations of Queer Syrian Migrants in Media. (Visual Archives of Violence, January 2021).

Silicone as mediator and container: how menstrual cups and breast pumps are reimagining, or recapturing, how we understand and negotiate reproductive bodies and reproductive politics (Anthropological Perspectives on Reproductive Politics in the 21st Century, January 2020)

A Day in the Life of an Isla Vista Student ft. Sustainable Food Practices (Dr. John Foran, Eco Vista, March 2020)

“American cuisine”: the materiality of food and identity creation in media representations (December 2019)

Delivery services and food trucks in Paris, France (July 2019)
The social meaning of food and culinary practices (July 2019)
Food Politics and Locality: from the Heart of France to Rural Colorado (May 2019)

Research Design: Cultural Pluralism at Fort Ross, California (April 2019)

Responses to Spanish Colonization: Native American Acts of Resistence, 1769-1825 (ANTH 131CA, March 2019)

Intercultural Communication: Monsoon Wedding (Dr. Curtin, March 2019)

Colonial Discourses and Representation (December 2018)

Kafka and Murakami: A Comparative Analysis of the Human Condition (November 2018)

Jones, Madeline and Delcia Orona. Creating home away from home: a material analysis of the exchange student experience (Materiality of Culture, University College Utrecht, May 2018)

State Maintenance of National Identity (April 2018)

Conservation Discourse: African Wildlife Foundation AWF and Enduimet Wildlife Management Area WMA (University College Utrecht, April 2018)

Time-Space Compression and Inequality (University College Utrecht, March 2018)

Syntactic Differences Between Archaic and Modern Dutch Genitive (University College Utrecht, December 2017)